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Effective And Compassionate Family Law Advocacy

Exploring Options. Tailoring Strategies.

Skilled Virginia Legal Custody Lawyer

Lowe Carlo & Maupin has dedicated its practice to helping people who are confronted with family law issues. Attorney Carlo’s goal is to provide superior, compassionate representation in divorce, spousal and child support, and child custody and visitation matters.

Whatever the issue, Lowe Carlo & Maupin can explore all viable options and will tailor a legal strategy aimed at securing the best possible results for you. Contact our office in Alexandria, Virginia, to speak with a skilled family law attorney about any of the following issues:

  • Divorce: You must state a valid ground in order to be granted a divorce in Virginia. Each ground has specific requirements that must be proven. In addition, your monetary and non-monetary contributions during the marriage as well as numerous other factors are taken into consideration for the purposes of property division .
  • Child custody and visitation: There is a wide array of factors that the court takes into account when determining child custody and visitation. Each hinges on the best interest of the child and is decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Spousal support and child support: Ongoing financial obligations for spousal support and child support can become contentious. Attorney Carlo will see that your interests are protected and made known to the court.
  • Divorce modifications: Divorce agreements are not written in stone. The court acknowledges that circumstances change, which can affect the terms of a divorce decree. At Lowe Carlo & Maupin, attorney Carlo will advocate to secure your best interests in modifying the terms of your child custody, visitation, alimony or child support agreement.

Attorney Carlo’s law firm’s dedication to high-quality legal service is unmatched. At Lowe Carlo & Maupin, attorney Carlo offers an approach that is both results-based and compassionate to help secure her clients’ best interests.

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Attorney Carlo establishes a personal connection with her clients and helps them through a difficult time in their lives. To speak with an attorney at the firm about your child custody, property division and child support concerns, contact us. Attorney Carlo is located in Old Town Alexandria.