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Effective And Compassionate Family Law Advocacy

Revisiting Divorce Decrees When Life Changes

Divorce agreements are not written in stone as a lasting solution. A new marriage, job loss or the decision to relocate cross country for a job are all factors which could cause your current divorce decree to be modified. At Lowe Carlo & Maupin, our firm is available to help ensure your support and custody agreements meet your needs and those of your children based on your current situation.

If your circumstances have changed, entrust our law firm to help secure your legal rights. We will evaluate your individual situation to better understand if modifying a pre-existing support, custody or visitation order is a viable solution.

Addressing Child Custody And Child Support Modification Concerns

If the financial situation for you or your ex-spouse has changed, your current child support orders could possibly be modified. At the law firm of Lowe Carlo & Maupin, we will need to demonstrate a material change in circumstances, including change in income to either party, child care expense or health insurance costs.

Katherine Carlo is a child support modification lawyer who will evaluate your individual situation to understand the circumstances which may prompt a change to the child support order such as:

  • A job loss affecting parent’s ability to make child support payments in full
  • One parent is now available to provide day care, creating an opportunity to decrease their child support payments
  • Job promotion increases the amount of child support one parent pays
  • Changes in the child’s educational or medical needs increases child support payments
  • Child turns 18, making child support no longer necessary

Based on your child’s best interests, child custody and visitation orders can be modified. Our law firm has extensive experience advocating for a change in custody orders based on factors threatening a child’s well-being, including domestic violence and substance abuse.

We will also advocate to help parents obtain joint custody or visitation rights after fulfilling the court’s requirements. Every situation is different. Whether you are looking to relocate for a job opportunity or want to modify your child custody arrangements based on your child’s safety, we will advocate for a solution in your child’s best interests.

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If your ex-spouse has failed to provide you with timely child support or alimony payments, we will act quickly to secure your legal rights. Our law firm will not hesitate to aggressively seek an enforcement of your divorce decree. Contact the law firm today for experienced advocacy.