Effective And Compassionate Family Law Advocacy


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Effective And Compassionate Family Law Advocacy

Aggressive Protection Of Parental Rights

Even couples who have never been married can face child custody and visitation issues. And throughout the child’s life, modifications of the court order may become necessary due to parent relocation; changes to job, residence or circumstance; or even, inappropriate parent conduct. Grandparents and stepparents may also require legal help with custody matters.

For every phase of child custody and visitation, Lowe Carlo & Maupin has the experience to handle it. Our firm is dedicated to protecting your rights as a parent and maintaining an eye on the best interests of the child. Our firm has handled a wide variety of custody matters, including cases involving allegations of abuse and neglect, complex psychological issues and international abduction.

Child Custody And Visitation Factors

The best interest of the child is the standard used by Virginia to determine legal and physical custody. Legal custody is often shared, but it is still determined on a case-by-case basis. Some factors considered by the court are:

  • Child’s age, physical and mental condition of the child and parents, the ability of each parent to resolve disputes between them
  • The relationship between the parent and child, the ability of the parent to meet the child’s needs, the child’s preference
  • The role each parent plays in the care and raising of the child, the propensity of each parent to facilitate and foster the connection of the child to the other parent

The court considers the same above factors when deciding visitation. In addition to biological parents, grandparents, stepparents, and other parties with a legitimate interest can be awarded custody and visitation in certain circumstances.

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